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Zido Freight Expands to Texas, Guangzhou and London, CEO Joins Forbes Council


Transporting goods swiftly and at a bargain price is advantageous for trade, but many nations struggle with this. A $180 billion is spent annually on haulage across Africa, this means that up to 75% of a product’s cost is due to logistics as opposed to 6% in the United States.

With digitalization gaining momentum globally as a result of COVID-19, digitizing the operations of freight forwarders and automating the entire process of shipment is now more pertinent than ever. Exporters are searching out technology-led products and services that will meet their needs more effectively, improve their experience and reduce their costs.

Zido Freight, Africa’s No.1 Digital Freight Broker is altering dramatically the cargo-transport value chain in Africa and aggressively expanding globally into major business cities of the world.

Zido is expanding its B2B freight brokerage coverage to support local B2B logistics and freight markets in major cities of the world. They are also focused on creating efficient delivery channels with top retail companies like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Made-in-China; to facilitate and enhance the shipment process to the African market. They recently expanded, opening up offices in Texas in the USA, Guangzhou in China and London in the UK.

The CEO of Zido Freight, Samuel Ajiboyede is enabling unprecedented efficiency and cost reduction in the entire shipment framework, providing end-to-end logistics solutions that facilitate optimum efficiencies for cargo owners, transporters, cargo recipients and freight forwarders, through the combination of a thorough on and off-site operations team, advanced technology, and customer service system.

Despite the Covid19 pandemic rocking the economy and the peculiar challenges prevalent in tech startups in Africa, Zido grew its revenue and even raised $3million fund early this year, to scale up Zido’s activities to further help organizations fix logistics frictions. Swiftly following this, the company signed a $10million per year contract with one of Africa’s largest conglomerates, so far one of the largest contracts in the history of the Logistics sector.

Recently accepted into Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide. Samuel Ajiboyede was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

With the developments surrounding the Africa Free Trade Agreement and complexities in customs processes struck out by AfCFTA, there is set to be an influx of inter-regional trade. This makes the continent much more attractive to foreign companies who will need a partner like Zido Freight who can deliver their goods on time and in good condition.

Through a simplified logistics system, the Zido team experts in technology, logistics and finance use big data and technology in a short period of time to reduce logistics frictions, helping manufacturers of all sizes to grow their supply, e-commerce players to reach new markets, courier companies to achieve speedy and safe deliveries and increasing productivity of rural farmers and empowering them to earn more.

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