Road Freight

Lets Work Together for A Greater Future

Here is an opportunity for you to be part of our growth, and the growth of your company. At Zido Logistics we believe that team work leads to success and growth.


Zido has access and operates a modern, continuously maintained and upgraded fleet of trucks, trailers and low-loaders to meet any transport need of our clients.

  • – Transport from & to any destination in Nigeria.
  • – More than 100 vehicles ranging from standard to heavy-duty haulage.
  • – Various trailers from 30 to 130 tons capacity.
  • – Heavy duty hydraulic modular trailers.

Why zido!

Zido is enabling unprecedented efficiency and cost reduction in the entire shipment framework. Beyond truck brokerage, Zido is revolutionizing the cargo-transport value chain in Africa from start to finish.

1. Quality

High quality transporters through thorough verification and on-boarding

2. Transparency

Analytics and insights that can provide more control and better management.

3. Speed

Automated way bill, invoicing and timely pick-up and delivery of cargo.

4. Control

Stage-by-stage shipment tracking and Cost efficiency