Request for a Tricycle (Keke) Ride with a Mobile App

Request for a Tricycle (Keke) Ride with a Mobile App

Ajiboyede explained that aside creating job opportunities for several individuals in Lagos, his business modem is creating an industry.

Ajiboyede, who has been working to ensure the success of the business venture following the success of transport networking companies spearhead by global brand Uber, has unveiled his new app, Matatu.

In an interactive session with Pulse, Ajiboyede explained that aside creating job opportunities for several individuals in Lagos, his business modem is creating an industry that should be embraced by several Nigerian investors.

About Matatu

The dark skinned entrepreneur and infotech personality disclosed that Matatu is a transport networking company that is app based with an asset base of tricycle popularly known as Keke Marwa instead of the usual taxis or cabs.

“All you need to do is push a button and you get a keke arrive at your point of location and you are good for a ride.”

Economic advantages

Ajiboyede said, “The idea basically is to create more job and opportunity and create more opportunity for individuals who are interested in the business and also give drivers the opportunities to maximise time as a Matatu driver while doing other things by the side and keeping the rider happy always.

“We create employment for people in full employment to make more money with their idle time by driving keke and those who want to invest because it’s automated to have a platform and reason to invest.”

Distinguishing facts

Ajiboyede was quick to disclose what distinguishes his brand from the usual keke drivers and tricycles plying different inner routes in Lagos.

“What is different is that we have neat tricycles with neat drivers that are trained by FRSC to certify them and have fantastic drivers, This will encourage more graduates and individuals with other jobs to earn more money without necessarily quitting your job.”

Clash of interest with Tricycle owners and operators in Lagos

Samuel was quick to explain that there won’t be any form of clash as his company is working in partnership with the keke and tricycle owners through the association’s leadership in Lagos.

He said, “We have partnered with Tricycles owners and operators association of Nigeria to leverage on their existing structure an we can work hand in hand to ensure this works brilliantly.”

Continuing, he said: “TOOAN members currently have 1000 keke all over Lagos registered but we will be injecting 10,000 more keke through Fleet Partners Leasing into the business.

“We will still open to accommodate current tricycles that meet our specifications to enjoy from our platform so as to enjoy the benefit that comes with being on Matatu platform but I can assure you they would have gopne through the rudiments of all trainings that our qualified drivers have gone through.”

Corroborating Ajiboyede’s take, the chairman of the Tricycles owners and operators association of Nigeria in Lagos, Comrade Ola Ogunsanya said “The most important thing is that we have cleared how to enjoy a mutual understanding not have any form of clash. We have signed an agreement and we are working in partnership to help our union great. Our business modem is similar but different because Matatu drivers move from one spot to the other on request which is quite different from our normal operations but we are still plying the same routes. We have entered the partnership for as along as both parties stay true to what is expected from each party. I will simply say Matatu is a taxi in form of keke or tricycle as you would like to call it.”


For the essence of the business modem, which Ajiboyede is ecstatic about, he said: “These are last mile journey, which means there are some last mile before your house that regular commercial buses don’t ply. Now these keke already exist plying these routes but what we are creating is comfort with the aide of technology. Now these drivers will only ply routes that have been stated by the state government and which can only be plied by tricycles. Our drivers and our organisation can and won’t go against the government because we know the rules and we understand what it means to have rules. You will be amazed the market for these until you actually see it happen.”

Helping government to curb crime with database

Samuel Ajiboyede was quick to reveal that his organisation is working to help curb crime rate in Lagos State using tricycles popularly referred to as Keke Marwa.

He said “There are complaints of these drivers with criminal activities but with our business modem, the government actually has the data of all these drivers and their kekes which are being monitored by our company for all their daily activities, hence, this is one laudable achievement that should not only be supported by the government but given the opportunity to thrive.”


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